As far as AOL University is concerned, this will be one of the optimum universities in Muslim world. It will emphasize on propagating the Islam by educating the people and implementing the ideas based on Islamic ideology. It will produce the elite and influential educators to promote the easiest way of human life style, to self abstain, to be just and kind and etc.

AOL will have well established departments whose basic aim will be to present Islam in front of the people. At AOL research and development will be of primary concern. At AOL, people will be enlightened with knowledge (so as to) that in addition to help them understand science and technology will make them understand their true use in the world.


  • Islamization of knowledge.
  • To create unity among ummah.
  • To represent Islam in its pure and true form.
  • To give scientific, current affairs, and technical knowledge to students of Islamic studies.
  • To present Islamic knowledge to students of various professions, for example, 1500 verses from Quran which are based on various subjects.
  • To do subjective analysis of Quran and to implement it in every field.
  • To give alternative and best way to various problems which world is facing (democracy , capitalism , liberalism, socialism)